Live In Care Professionals Ltd

As a result of the difficult environment in Residential Care Homes, resulting from the Covid 19 Pandemic and the well -publicized spread of this disease within many Residential Care Homes, we are pleased to announce that the Nightingale Homecare Group will soon commence providing a safer high-quality Live-In Care & Support service. Many peop ... Read More.

Nightingale Training Academy

"Our newly founded Nightingale Training Academy is something we are all extremely proud of ", says Director Chris Long. Our aim is to recruit, train and continuously improve the knowledge of our care & support staff, who we are already extremely proud of, through providing in-depth and comprehensive training in Health & Social Care. Our wis ... Read More.

Connecting Through Crisis

We are excited by our recent pilot scheme to support people through virtual technology. Nightingale Homecare is partnering Suffolk County Council with an exciting new project to connect and protect isolated individuals. The project aims are to protect vulnerable clients from the risk of infection, support them to self-isolate and make sure they ... Read More.

Home, But Not Alone Services

Home, But Not Alone Services in Suffolk, Norfolk & East Sussex - Nightingale Homecare are extremely proud of the exceptional care and services we have continued to provide to the local communities of Suffolk, Norfolk and East Sussex during these challenging times. We have signposted below some free services that are available to those that ar ... Read More.

Nightingale Kind Hearts

At Nightingale Homecare we believe the smallest things go a long way to making somebody’s day. Our staff regularly go above and beyond with the people they support and at Nightingale we want promote Kindness and Heartfelt gestures across all our Services. Over the past few months, we launched our Nightingale Kind Hearts scheme across all o ... Read More.

Join Our Team

Do you have a caring nature and a desire to help people? If the answer is yes then a career in care may be for you. At Nightingale Homecare we are always on the look out for compassionate and caring people to join our team. We believe to be a good carer, you have to have the desire to want to help and support people...everything else we can teac ... Read More.

Health & Wellness

Staying hydrated is extremely important for your overall health and with the arrival of summer & the warmer weather, it becomes even more important to keep yours & your loved ones fluid intake up. Adults need 64 ounces of water every day. However, hydration needs will depend on many factors. These factors include the types of medication ... Read More.

A Poem by Emma – A member of our Nightingale Homecare Team

One of our Nightingale Homecare Team, Emma, recently wrote a lovely poem about her job. Emma who works with our Lowestoft team said "I love my job & really wanted to write how my job makes me feel" Emma is very proud of her job and we are very proud of her...Well done Emma! We have popped Emma's poem below for you to have a read, if you would l ... Read More.

Preventing Fraud & Scams

During the recent pandemic, we have seen it bring out the very best in people as shown by many of the stories in the news. However unfortunately this cannot be said for everyone, we have been alerted to an in-crease in a number of Covid 19 related scams. Sadly scammers are using the crisis to target people, particularly those that are more vulnerab ... Read More.

Bored in lock down in uncertain times……

Bored in lock down in uncertain times...….Join us and make a difference. In lockdown and bored? You could use this once in a lifetime opportunity to give something back. Nightingale is a Frontline Community Care and Support Service, we need people to support us during these difficult times. We can Fastrack dedicated Support workers to join our ... Read More.