Specialist Services - Re-enablement & Short Term Care

Sometimes people just need a short-term package of care. Whether it is to support you during a short period of illness, helping you to get back on your feet following an operation, or even to help build your confidence after a fall. We can design a highly personalised care programme to re-able you or your loved back to full health and independence. Whether you need support with your personal care requirements or daily living activities, Nightingale Homecare are there to help.

Our specialist re-enablement teams work alongside healthcare professionals to make your transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible. We aim to actively support you to regain your independence as quickly as possible and avoid the need for costly ongoing care.

Our re-enablement service is totally flexible, meaning the level of support you receive can be adjusted to meet your changing requirements. As your condition improves and your support needs decrease, we can step-down the level of care you receive

If you would like more information about our short-term re-enablement services and how we can support you or your loved one, please contact your local branch who will be happy to talk to you about this service.