Nightingale Kind Hearts

At Nightingale Homecare we believe the smallest things go a long way to making somebody’s day. Our staff regularly go above and beyond with the people they support and at Nightingale we want promote Kindness and Heartfelt gestures across all our Services. Over the past few months, we launched our Nightingale Kind Hearts scheme across all of our branches. The Nightingale Kind Hearts Scheme is a benevolent fund which is to encourage staff to volunteer ideas and to identify opportunities for good deeds or ideas which would make a difference to those individuals who we support. We have identified several hours of support which is funded by Nightingale Homecare and we actively seek nominations from staff where we can make gestures to brighten an individual’s day or make a small change which can make a big difference to their lives. If you have any ideas, please share them with your local Nightingale Homecare Branch office. Over the past few months several of our clients have already benefited from the Nightingale Kind Hearts Scheme in many varied and different ways with most requiring little funding, just time in the majority of instances. Nightingale Homecare will continue to financially support this scheme either through allocating hours or money especially as so many of our staff have also supported this initiative by freely giving up some of their time for the benefit of our clients.