Connecting Through Crisis

We are excited by our recent pilot scheme to support people through virtual technology. Nightingale Homecare is partnering Suffolk County Council with an exciting new project to connect and protect isolated individuals. The project aims are to protect vulnerable clients from the risk of infection, support them to self-isolate and make sure they continue to receive the care and support they need in the most effective way and help to connect isolated individuals with family and friends. This includes shielded individuals and high-risk people. Virtual visual check-in via video is a key part of this. The councils also wanted to make it easy and safe for family members, neighbours and local community services to play their part in supporting people. The system supports Virtual video check-in, can be done from their own homes if they are self-isolating. The video care-phone system 'Alcove', allows care workers, family members and other approved services to be able to contact the recipient and vice versa through a video call. The tiles on the device include: formal care offer: care worker, day centre worker, community and voluntary service. informal carer / family members. Speak to the local care provider and stay connected with family and friends. [email protected] service (for selected users only) to help with activities like shopping and obtaining medicines. The device, which is tablet sized and small enough to carry around the home, also has several additional functions which can be set up remotely including: reminders (such as medications, getting dressed, drinking fluids). video/virtual “eyes on” to see any changes in clients if they are symptomatic. Enable professionals to ask users about personal tasks (eg “have you applied your cream to your leg”. Texts to the device, for example “your carer is running late.”

One of our clients Margaret, who has been issued with an ipad finds it very useful for speaking to family and using the technology to keep her connected, especially during these challenging times.

If you feel you or an individual in receipt of service may benefit from this project and you are in the Suffolk area please contact your local office.