A Poem by Emma – A member of our Nightingale Homecare Team

One of our Nightingale Homecare Team, Emma, recently wrote a lovely poem about her job. Emma who works with our Lowestoft team said "I love my job & really wanted to write how my job makes me feel" Emma is very proud of her job and we are very proud of her...Well done Emma! We have popped Emma's poem below for you to have a read, if you would like to share it you are more than welcome to.  

I know which spoon you like for breakfast, which mug you like for tea

I know how well you like your toast done & in which chair you like to be

I know the names of your family, I know snippets of your past.

I enjoy listening to your stories, of how the years have gone too fast

I know how to put your kettle on, I hope you never have to worry

I make time to sit & chat with you, I will never make you hurry

I know how you like your routines & what time you go to bed

I know to keep your book close by, adjust your pillow for your head

I know you welcome a friendly smile, you feel relieved to know I’m here

I know you struggle feeling lonely & it’s a comfort when I’m near

I don’t switch off when I go home, I still wonder if your okay

But I’ll be back tomorrow , to get you started with your day

So don’t ever think that no-one cares , the clue is in my title

I’m your carer as long as you need me, remembering everything that’s vital

All the tiny things that matter, all the quirks & stuff you love

I’ll remember just how so you want it & for you, go beyond & above.