Preventing Fraud & Scams

During the recent pandemic, we have seen it bring out the very best in people as shown by many of the stories in the news. However unfortunately this cannot be said for everyone, we have been alerted to an in-crease in a number of Covid 19 related scams. Sadly scammers are using the crisis to target people, particularly those that are more vulnerable. Here are just a few examples of the types of scams that are going on at the moment.

  • Leaflets from a company saying they are a Covid 19 Decon-tamination company asking for payment by obtaining peoples bank details.
  • A similar scam as outlined above is asking for payment for Covid 19 testing kits, in particular from people claiming to be from the Track & Trace Team who are asking you to pay for tests - YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR A COVID -19 TEST.
  • People impersonating Social Services and Government Agencies to gain access to premises.
  • On-line charity scams, with bogus fundraising schemes.
  • HMRC phone scammers to give payment of grants and obtain bank details.
These are just a few examples, please stay diligent and follow the advice below: Never give your bank details to anyone over the phone. Never give you address to anyone if you have any suspicions, no matter how small. Never text or phone anyone you do not know. Be suspicious of any call or person who pressures you for bank details and immediate payment. Do not click on any email links or text links. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUSPICIONS OR CONCERNS CALL 999 IMMEDIATELY